Magnificent view of Mount Hope BC from our back deck

Black Rock Beach Resort in Ucluelet, BC

Sunset in Qualicum Beach


Our  Model “S” Tesla arrived Sept 2, 2016 and now has 90,000+ km.

We have spend amost $0 on electricity to charge the batteries

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This site is all about Elizabeth and Dale Monrad, Sarah Beth (our 15 year old Bichon Frise), Jesse Stone (our 1 year old softcoat Irish Wheaton Maltese Terrier),our lives, businesses, pastimes, family, vacations, toys, joys, dreams and our lives together.

Some mages are  about our fabulous new home in Hope, BC where we are enjoying semi-retirement.

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Tesla Model S60D

Frosty backyard view of our dream home 10/09/20