Author: ruadhan

Upside of Tesla’s autopilot

  From: Peter Diamandis Date: 10 July 2016 at 10:04       I own a Tesla Model S and Model X with Autopilot. Best cars I’ve ever had. So when the first death with Tesla’s Autopilot occurred, was I pissed? At Tesla?...

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Family’s first visit – Zaiden

Carly Monrad Opening the Gifts It’s a quilt! All about Trains Gift made by Elizabeth Beautiful Quilt! Carly & Zaiden Gary – Brandi – Patti Second Cousin Brandi GU Gary – 2C Brandi – GA Patti...

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First Great Grandchild – Feb 11, 2016

Today, my son called to promote me from Grampa to Great Grampa (he did not mention a raise!) but regardless Liz and I are so very proud to be honoured with such a wonderful addition to our family. Zaiden Jacob Lenning born Feb...

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